Klamath Bird Observatory, based in Ashland, Oregon, advances bird and habitat conservation through science, education, and partnerships.

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Support HABITAT PROTECTION on Your WILDLIFE REFUGES AND the SciEnce thAT Guides Bird Conservation!

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This $40 stamp set includes the 2015-2016 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation [Duck] Stamp and Klamath Bird Observatory's 2015 Bird Conservation Science Stamp. Proceeds bolster:

 1. Strategic wetland habitat conservation through the National Wildlife Refuge System, and 

 2. Klamath Bird Observatory’s science-based approach to achieving bird and habitat conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the migratory ranges of the birds of our region. 

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Read more about the "Duck Stamp" and Klamath Bird Observatory as a Duck Stamp Distributer.


Klamath Bird Observatory achieves bird conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the ranges of our migratory birds. Emphasizing high-caliber science and the role of birds as indicators, we inform and improve natural resource management. Recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, we also nurture an environmental ethic through community outreach and education. We owe our success to committed donors, volunteers, staff, and partners who demonstrate that each of us can contribute to a legacy of abundant bird populations and healthy land, air, and water.

Conservation Model
Klamath Bird Observatory’s collaborative conservation planning approach is fueled by:
1. Long-term monitoring that provides information about changes in bird populations;
2. In-depth theoretical research that advances our understanding of distribution and movements; and
3. Applied ecology that addresses natural resource management challenges.

Klamath Bird Observatory’s conservation science is applied at local, regional, and international scales.
1. Ongoing science programs inform conservation planning in the beautifully rugged and wildlife-rich Klamath Siskiyou Bioregion of northern California and southern Oregon.
2. Avian Knowledge Northwest, our interactive data center and decision support system, provides scientific resources across the Pacific Northwest.
3. Professional education and international capacity building expands our influence hemispherically with partner-driven programs that protect birds throughout their breeding, migrating, and wintering seasons.

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