Klamath Bird Observatory provides information and learning opportunities about science-based bird and habitat conservation through our wide-ranging education programming. Our objective is to be an information resource for the community, educators, and conservation practitioners.

Our Community Education programming offers a diversity of learning opportunities that foster an appreciation for birds and an interest in conservation. These include our Talk and Walk series classes, festival public outreach, banding station visits, and Avian Knowledge Northwest—a rich collaborative repository of bird and habitat conservation planning resources, data, and portal for citizen science projects. 

We have produced a series of community handouts—brief and informative guides and tip sheets for a variety of bird and habitat conservation issues. Some focus on our Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion and others are general topics for our wider community.

The K-12 Education materials KBO has created deliver curricula and support programming in science and outdoor education that are aligned with state and national standards. Our K-12 Education Curriculum Library and Educator’s Kits are designed to help educators meet learning objectives and academic standards while providing engaging, interactive, and place-based lessons for young learners. These tools help students learn about birds as indicators of resilient ecosystems through science inquiry, interdisciplinary activities, and participation in citizen science projects. These materials also address broad topics including math, language arts, geography, social science, policy, and stewardship.

Our Professional Training and Information Exchange programming is helping create the next generation of conservation practitioners in our world. Through internships, workshops, curriculum development, and international capacity building, we provide opportunities for technical skill training and leadership development for conservation professionals and students throughout the Americas. This holistic approach to information and training exchange expands our conservation influence throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond, as we work with partner-driven programs that protect birds throughout their full-life-cycle including the breeding, migrating, and wintering seasons.