Community Education

Our Community Education programming offers a diversity of learning opportunities that foster an appreciation for birds and an interest in conservation. These include our Talk and Walk series of classes, festival outreach, community conservation guides, and Avian Knowledge Northwest—a rich collaborative repository of bird and habitat conservation planning resources and data, plus a portal for citizen science projects.
Recognizing that conservation occurs across many fronts, KBO nurtures a conservation ethic in our education and outreach programs. Conservation Birding is at the heart of everything we do—encouraging anyone who has an interest in birds and seeing birds to be actively involved in the conservation of birds and their habitats by contributing time, data, or funding.

Talks & Walks

KBO’s popular Talk & Walk classes are core to our Community Education programming. These two-part classes include an evening presentation followed by a field trip. Birding experts, conservation professionals, authors, and artists donate their time as instructors and field trip leaders.
The donation-based class series’ topics include songbird, hawk, and waterfowl ID, birding by ear, nature photography, eBirding, birding expeditions, bird-friendly gardening, and more. Watch for upcoming classes at our Klamath Call Note blog and Klamath Bird newsletters - or sign up to receive notifications of upcoming classes.

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Festivals and Public Outreach

Festivals are a very human thing—a celebration of our commonality, whatever the occasion. When the occasion involves birds all the better! Each year KBO hosts a Mountain Bird Conservation event—from our acclaimed multi-day Mountain Bird Festivals to one-evening events with special guest speakers. KBO also regularly joins the Rogue Valley Bird Day festival, Oregon Country Fair, and Godwit Days. Watch for upcoming events at our Klamath Call Note blog and Klamath Bird newsletters - or sign up to receive notifications of upcoming events.
These events are our most valued opportunity to reach out, share information, and celebrate birds with friends and neighbors!

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eBird Northwest

eBird Northwest is a regional portal of Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s international eBird program. It serves as the primary citizen science application of Avian Knowledge Northwest and provides content and services to bird‐watching enthusiasts and natural resource managers alike throughout the Pacific Northwest.
eBird Northwest has the capacity to build broad regional and state partnerships, engaging the birding community, providing news and information, and make citizen science data available for conservation and education purposes. As more people engage with science and conservation through eBird Northwest, we build on these resources to support informed natural resource management, enhance recreational wildlife viewing, and increase the impact of citizen science efforts.
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Avian Knowledge Northwest

AKNW Logo Color Tranparent (72ppi 3xX)Avian Knowledge Northwest (AKNW), a regional node of the Avian Knowledge Network, is a data archive and decision support system focused on understanding the patterns and dynamics of bird populations of the Pacific Northwest. AKNW serves both communities and conservation professionals as host for citizen science projects and collaborations, bird   conservation decision support tools, interactive resource tools, data archival, and a rich collection of bird and habitat conservation plans.
eBird Northwest is the primary citizen science application of AKNW, nurturing engagement of northwestern audiences to advance bird and habitat conservation.

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Copyright (c) 2017 Klamath Bird Observatory. Image credits: Jim Livaudais, Gary Bloomfield, and many contributing artists.