Peer-reviewed science is nonpartisan. While science is non-advocacy in nature, scientific results ensure fact-driven debate and informed decision making. In this time when our colleagues are being silenced, science is being dismissed, and funding is being cut, Klamath Bird Observatory remains steadfast in standing up for science. And today, right now, science needs you. Your support is more important than ever.

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End of Year Campaign

During this end-of-year giving season, we ask that you make a generous donation to Klamath Bird Observatory in support of our work to advance bird and habitat conservation.  Birds are central to the experience of life. They delight, inspire, comfort, and amuse us, and their movements and behaviors reinforce the seasons. Sadly, many birds in the United States are in trouble. Klamath Bird Observatory’s science-based conservation model shows the way forward, but we need your support to succeed.

Click here to make an end-of-year donation

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Annual donations contribute to Klamath Bird Observatory's success in advancing bird and habitat conservation. Your annual donation helps support our day-to-day operations and programs. Donors receive KBO's Quarterly Newsletter, The Klamath Bird. We offer membership at several different levels.

Donate online now by clicking here. If you do not wish to donate online with your credit card, please click here to print our membership form.  Mail the completed form with your check to KBO, PO Box 758, Ashland, OR 97520.

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Planned Giving: Leaving Your Legacy

There are many ways to make a lasting donation to Klamath Bird Observatory that ensure your passion for science and conservation lives on in your memory.

If you are looking for additional ways to donate please consider Klamath Bird Observatory’s planned giving options listed on the back of this pamphlet. For more information contact KBO and speak with your financial advisor.

More ways to give

Dick Ashford bio 96 dpi 4.4x6

Recurring Gifts
Klamath Bird Observatory gratefully accepts recurring donations. To set up your monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly donation, contact us today.

Stock Donations
Donate stocks and other securities to KBO. Donors avoid paying capital gains tax while receiving an income tax deduction.

Name KBO as a beneficiary in your will with a bequest that specifies a gift amount or a percentage of your estate. You can also name KBO as a secondary beneficiary, in case your heirs do not survive you. Add KBO to an existing will using a simple amendment or codicil.

Real Estate Gift
A gift of property, be it a residence, vacation home, acreage, or vacant lot, will be used by KBO or sold with proceeds benefiting our organization.

Retirement Accounts
Name KBO as a beneficiary on your 401k, IRA, and/or Roth IRA retirement accounts.

Set up a named-endowment that will continue to grow with regular designated gifts, providing KBO with a steady source of earnings for years to come.

Speak to your financial advisor or contact KBO by clicking here.

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2016 Conservation Stamps 72dpi 3x3                   Put your stamp on conservation

Support HABITAT PROTECTION on Your WILDLIFE REFUGES AND the SciEnce thAT Guides Bird Conservation!

Purchase Klamath Bird Observatory's 2016 Conservation Stamps Set.

This $40 stamp set includes the 2016-2017 Federal Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation [Duck] Stamp and Klamath Bird Observatory's 2016 Bird Conservation Science Stamp. Proceeds bolster:

 1. Strategic wetland habitat conservation through the National Wildlife Refuge System, and 

 2. Klamath Bird Observatory’s science-based approach to achieving bird and habitat conservation in the Pacific Northwest and throughout the migratory ranges of the birds of our region. 

Click here to order your stamps now!

Read more about the "Duck Stamp" and Klamath Bird Observatory as a Duck Stamp Distributer.

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Amazon Smile

Amazon.com has a charitable giving program called Amazon Smile. In this program, Amazon donates 0.5% of eligible purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. To participate in this program and donate to Klamath Bird Observatory when you shop on Amazon Smile, go to smile.amazon.com and select Klamath Bird Observatory as your charitable organization. Thank you!

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If you live in the Rogue Valley in southern Oregon, you may register with eScrip and then a percentage of your purchases at participating merchants, such as Safeway and Market of Choice, will be donated to Klamath Bird Observatory. It's quick, it's easy, and it makes a difference for birds! Sign up with eScrip by registering your credit, debit, and grocery loyalty cards, and naming Klamath Bird Observatory as your charitable organization. Click here to visit the eScrip website and register.

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All materials on this website are copywritten (c) 2016 Klamath Bird Observatory.  Thanks to all the accomplished artists and photographers who have shared their work.with special thanks to Jim Livaudais and Gary Bloomfield for their images. Please send questions or comments regarding the KBO website by clicking here.