eBird Northwest

Avian Knowledge Northwest is developing eBird Northwest, a regional portal of Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology’s international eBird program. eBird Northwest will serve as the primary citizen science application of Avian Knowledge Northwest. eBird Northwest will provide content and services to bird‐watching and natural resource management audiences in northern California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia (and possibly Idaho, Nevada, and Montana as well). Our intention is to build broad regional and state partnerships around eBird Northwest to (1) expand participation in eBird and citizen science efforts that can support conservation through informed natural resource management, (2) engage the birding community, (3) provide a news and information service that enhances recreational wildlife viewing and links such recreation with science‐based conservation efforts, and (4) increase the coverage and availability of citizen science data for conservation and education purposes. This new eBird portal will also serve as a host to more specific citizen science projects that can be issue- or habitat-driven (e.g., Birds in Oak Woodlands, or Important Bird Area Monitoring), or geographically-based (e.g., state wildlife monitoring).

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