Climate Change Modeling Tools

Climate Change Map Image (72ppi 3x)The Climate Change Map projects climate-driven changes in the abundances and distributions of 31 focal bird species in Oregon and Washington using climate projections and corresponding vegetation model outputs. Understanding how species distributions and abundances are likely to be
altered can inform management and planning activities resulting in more robust management decisions.
distribution model image (72ppi 3x)The Pacific Northwest Climate Change Avian Vulnerability Tool can be used to inform about the effects of climate change on bird species in western Washington, Oregon, and California. This modeling tool allows users to (1) view spatially explicit projections of climate change impacts to 26 bird species, (2) explore regions of high conservation priority, (3) analyze changes in bird habitat and bird communities, (4) identify new monitoring locations which can improve our understanding of climate change impacts, and (5) download model results to use in analyses.

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